Autilla is part of the history of gold trading according to Wang Yahong  

In “Who sets the price of gold?”(translated from Chinese) by Wang Yahong, you can read about the history of gold, or more accurately the history of the trading of gold, the events that took us to where we are today.

You can read about the Bretton Woods conference and the British and American power play. According to the author these are the most important events that shaped the gold market as it is today.Wang Yahong, a Xinhua News Agency senior researcher.

He worked at “Xinhua News Agency” London branch as deputy director. During his time in London he interacted with the banks and the dealers and saw the bull market with its highs and the bear market, the collapse of financial markets. This has no doubt shaped his view of markets and the structure of the book that is an eight-chapter description of gold trading. The beginning of modern trading started because of Bretton Woods. Further chapters are looking at the start of the regulations and the improved structure of trading and at the end of the book we will see the ideas of a fully transparent and electronic market.

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