Gold – a London thing, or is it?

Oc 19, 2017
by Joakim Cimmerbeck

Autilla are working pretty much twentyfourseven doing our bit to modernise the gold market ecosystem. Our focus, as a London based company, is very much in the London market and the clients here.

The last couple of weeks there has been much ado about it. So what is really happening? Is the centre of gold moving? In the back of many of our minds dealing with precious metals we can hear Mick Jones shouting “Should I stay or should I go”. It was a hit 1981 and it is still one major question. I like staying… The grass is simply not greener on the other side.

Several articles have been written about it. There is one in particular describing the whole thing, answers questions such as: Why do we trade out of London? How much? Where is the gold trading heading?

All in all we can all have a view of London being and remaining a center for gold during this transition from the old way to new way. It is still and will most likely be an important center for gold going forward.  If nothing else the numbers are staggering, that alone shows plenty of staying power. The gold that was cleared last year was in excess of 6 trillion USD. The volume of Gold in London at the moment is around 7000 ton and plenty of silver.

Recommend that you read the article in Bloomberg.

Where Gold Trade Goes If London Loses Its Grip
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